Top 10 Wildlife Photography Tips

wildlife fine art photographer

my name is khush pardhi and I’m a wildlife fine art photographer I would like to share my top ten photography tips with you just write down the story because every wonderful picture has a story so write it down

1. important spirit of discovery

what happened before during and after and share it share it with your audience this is very important spirit of discovery we captured here exactly at this location

2. practice& patience

you have to practice patience patience can take days to take the right picture patience is very important to me you have to be comfortable with this I mean just put yourself in a nice position you can have some cookies or some tea just to relax but be prepared if they jump up I mean you must jump up

3. respect the animals

very important respect the animals. be quiet give them space don’t make movements too quick very easy you can destroy a nice picture by quick hectic movements

4. light

is the light I mean morning light and evening light obviously is the best life is fantastic that’s why we left this morning at five o’clock

5. the Safari put it on one hard drive and on an extra hard drive

very simple but very very important to just backup your files when you come back from the Safari put it on one hard drive and on an extra hard drive so that you have at least two backups and also try to keep them separate not in the one back just one hide them in a tent somewhere and the other one is always with you another very important tip is just shoot for yourself I mean you should enjoy it you should enjoy your work don’t I mean I understand that there’s always a lot of pressure and time pressure especially because the Sun is setting in five minutes not good but the result will show when you enjoy it and when you’re inspired by by your heart

6. capture the habitat

capture the habitat here I shot a nice picture which actually shows the whole scenery I mean you have lots of different layers foreground background and it shows it all with wildlife photography it’s not always only about the animal sometimes it’s also quite important to include the habitats the landscape here’s the river or a tree or just the grass with some clouds where do they sleep where do they live where do they eat where they hunt this is important for some pictures

7. the angle to the subject

the angle to the subject for me is very important I want to have a low angle I want to be in eyeline at least with a lion or if possible even lower how do you do this you have to go out of the car or you have to open the door and get low as low as possible

8. beanbag

beanbag I trust in my beanbags I prefer the much more than any other tripod because sometimes you have to jump from down here up here or on the roof or quickly or to the other side and the better beanbag it’s very easy and quick

9. inspiration

my last tip for this episode don’t sit around and wait for inspiration just go out just go out and doesn’t matter what the weather is if it’s sunny it’s cloudy if it even has a rainy I mean it just makes it more fun and exciting and just learn all of all these things now I mean just go out don’t wait for inspirations I mean a bonus tip definitely is the guide I mean the guide is it’s worth a lot if he knows the area and if he’s well/good connect it with all the other guides and if he know how to drive 4×4 I mean this is half of the luck with the photography

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