The Ultimate Guide to Creative Photography (54 Awesome Tutorials)

Creative photography is about putting your ideas into practice and observing amazing outcomes from unplanned configurations.

We’ve collected our most popular content to help you on your photographic adventures!

Image: Dina Belenko

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Get Started With Creative Still Life Photography

Beginners Guide to Shooting Still Life Photography

Still photographs of life is an excellent opportunity to explore the possibilities of photography and to improve your photography abilities.

You control each and every aspect. This gives you more flexibility than other genres of photography. It doesn’t require an expensive camera.

The article below We’ve included amazing case studies that will aid you in getting started.

10 Easy and Fun Still Life Photography Ideas

There is no need for complicated equipment or unique props to create stunning photography that is creative and innovative. All you’ll need is the desire to inspire and a great idea to begin with.

We have compiled ten simple and creative photography ideas you could make at your home. Try playing with shapes or patterns. You can also include drawings in chalk to make your photos look interesting. You can also experiment with coffee or food.

To get the rest of the ideas, please read our article right here.

10 Great Tips for Shooting Still Life Photography

These ideas should have encouraged you to get started on artistic still-life photography. Where and how do you begin?

You must start with the camera. What kind of lens should you choose for your artistic still life photographs? What is the other essential equipment such as an tripod? We recommend getting one so that you get consistently good results. A tripod can also free your hands, which could be essential when you first begin to play around with creative and dynamic photos.

Are you interested in knowing the other important techniques to begin shooting your own artistic photography? Take a look at this post.

8 Still Life Composition Tips for Photographers

For a photographer who is just beginning we are exposed to too many rules and must acquire a great deal of academic information. However, often all we require is practical advice, not of the theories.

You can, for instance, make simple shapes such as curvatures or triangles as models to compose your design. You can also use the balance and symmetry of your work to draw the attention of viewers.

We’ve added a few composition strategies for you to develop your creativity in photography. It’s also possible to forget the conventional composition rules for just some time!

How to Use Complementary Colors in Photography

One of the most simple and most efficient ways to make eye-catching images is by combining colors.

Certain colors work well and produce visually appealing outcomes.

Complementary colors lie on the opposite sides of the wheel of color. They produce the highest contrast, which results in vibrant and energetic effects.

There are some common color combinations that complement each other for example, such as red and green or purple and yellow.

Find out more about how to use complementary colors for your photography.

25 Stunning Examples of Complementary Colors

It is possible that you require more inspiration and ideas for photography to use complimentary colors in your photos. Consider green and red frequently in our daily lives.

A ladybug or a strawberry are great examples. However, it’s no coincidence that Christmas decorations consist of green and red.

Consider blue and orange. Both colors are linked to the opposite of concepts. The colors of fire and cold, or warmth and Ice.

Take a look at this article featuring 25 gorgeous examples for more innovative ideas.

How to Use Contrasting Colors in Photography (With Stunning Examples! )

If an image features striking colors, it grabs the eye of the viewer. Photography is a great way to refer to two types of contrast.

The other is tonal contrast. It is the distinction between the lightest and darkest tone of the picture regardless of hue.

Another type is color contrast, which is the differences in hues.

How can you create contrast in your photo? When you’re using contrast colors it’s best to keep things simple. You could also emphasize your subject using contrast shades. Use simple shapes or pure tones.

Are you interested in learning more about contrast colors in photography? Learn more in this comprehensive article.

How to Use Color Contrast in Photography: Orange and Blue

Blue and orange are among the most popular complementing color combinations in photography. The reason for this is that mixing the two colors creates the most noticeable contrast.

The combination is so well-known that even filmmakers use a specific term to describe it called ‘amber and teal’. The combination of blue and orange looks fantastic as they create a stunning contrast and emphasize their respective strengths.

Now you understand the reasons to utilize blue and orange combinations for creative photography. Find out how to use it to enhance your photos.

5 Tips for Black and White Still Life Photography

If you’re looking to elevate your photography abilities beyond the limits, you need to try photographs in black and white.

In the absence of colors, you can make more visible textures and shapes in your photos. This can be done by playing around with the angles of light.

Photography in black and white can be an ideal chance to tell a story visually. It is just a matter of choosing the right subject such as jewelry from an elderly friend an old book, a child’s book, or even shells you collected from you beach stroll.

For more innovative tips on black and white photography check out this post.

8 Tips for Perfect Flat Lay Photography

Photography that is creative doesn’t just revolve around the composition or color. It’s also about angles.

Flat-lay images can be used to allow for an abundance of creativity. It is possible to go with minimalistic style and capture just a handful of subjects. It is also possible to place a variety of objects within the frame and create a chaotic layout.

The management of negative space The management of negative space another option to enhance your creativity flat-lay photography. You can, for instance, make the frame appear larger by filling it with objects that are small and leave spaces empty that create letters, which add to form a message.

What Is Conceptual Photography? 32 Inspiring Examples

Conceptual photography gives you the ideal chance to express yourself through concepts, symbols and ideas. Conceptual photography lets you maximize your artistic freedom.

All you require is a great idea. What is it? Take a look at our 32 inspirational examples.

How to Create a Storyboard for Photography

Preparing for a photoshoot that is creative shoot can be confusing and overwhelming at times. A storyboard can make the process much simpler and more efficient.

A storyboard provides details about the scene, its location, camera equipment, and the methods. It has many squares filled with illustrations and pictures that depict each shot. There are usually notes and even comments.

For tips on how to make an outline to shoot your photos, go through this article.

Creative Photography Ideas in the Kitchen

There is no need to locate the most expensive studio or extreme location to shoot your photography. Your kitchen could be the ideal ingredients and subject for a photoshoot that is creative.

Food is a straightforward and accessible subject that gives photographers lots of creativity. Use our recipe to create your own unique photography!

10 Ideas for Creative Cookie Photography

Cookies make excellent subjects as you can tell a variety of stories using cookies because you can tell stories with them. They are also more straightforward to photograph than other desserts or cakes. This makes them ideal for food photography beginners.

Start your cookie photography using a an idea in line with the goal of your photo shoot. Pick a character that makes the cookies. It is possible to create a completely different scenario for a bakery run by a grandmother as well as for an experienced chef.

You should think about the location you’d like to display your cookies, too. Are you planning to take photos of at the table in the kitchen? Maybe at a birthday celebration at the parks? The location you choose will determine the setting up the cookie shoot.

We’ve got 9 more amazing ideas for creating creative cookies photographing inside this piece.

9 Best Techniques for Taking Amazing Coffee Photography

Coffee is a great match for Cookies, therefore let’s find out more about coffee photography that is creative. The concept is straightforward, however it is full of creativity potential.

You can, for instance, present the particulars or components of a drink made with coffee. Make a cappuccino using ground coffee, coffee beans and glasses of milk, and cinnamon powder on top of it.

Draw with coffee beans to add some exciting typography to your photos. You could also add motion, like steam or splashes to your artistic photo of coffee.

How to Create Magical Still Life Photos With DIY Flour Clouds

It is also possible to choose the most basic of ingredients and utilize them to create your own photographic subjects of creativity. So why not give it an attempt and take pictures of flour clouds?

You can make beautiful fluffy clouds simply by throwing some flour into the air. However, it’s more difficult than you think. You can’t control the movement that the dough moves. It is often thrown into ugly pieces rather than beautiful clouds.

The great news is that we’ve an step-by-step guide for creating flour clouds at home that will make your photograph appear magical.

How to Photograph Glass: 8 Tricks to Improve Your Glass Photography

Glassware is a straightforward object to photograph, and you probably have a glass thing in your kitchen. However, taking pictures of glass is usually difficult for photographers.

There are some tips to help you create stunning glass photography. Backlights can be used to prevent reflections that are not needed.

It is also possible to photograph the glass on the backdrop of black. This way, you’ll be able to create an incredible white glowing silhouette of glass.

For the remainder of the eight tips go through the entire article.

How to Create Cool Broken Glass Photography

If you’re interested in glass photography What better way to capture broken glass? It is possible to transform the broken glass into a work of art, and wow all with your artistic photography.

Broken objects are attractive because they tell an interesting story. They can be told a story through your photographs.

For amazing photographs of broken glass You’ll need just some basic props, and no expensive equipment. Follow our step-by-step guide to set up your scene and get amazing shots.

How to Shoot Creative Reflections in Drinks (All In-Camera! )

If you don’t want scratch anything but would like to play with your kitchen appliances, then you can capture creative reflections of drinks.

The first requirement is a huge supply of light that is soft. It could be a window light, a diffuser or softbox. Choose a source of light that is constant to make it more easy to see reflections of the drinks.

Check out the article for the complete procedure of shooting innovative reflections and drinks.

How to Photograph Levitating Coffee Splashes

The process of photographing splashes can be entertaining and makes your photos look different. With a few props and a couple of cameras, you can create a fun scene.

It is necessary to have two speedlights or strobes in order to stop the splashes from exploding. It’s not just the quick shutter speed that freezes the motion , but the shorter flash duration.

Here’s our advicefor taking photos of the levitating coffee splashes.

Creative Photography Ideas With Everyday Objects

There are a lot of common objects in our lives that are great photos for creative photographers.

How to Use Paint in Water Technique for Cool Liquid Photography

Paint can be created in amazing shapes using just few ingredients. Take a small aquarium with acrylic paint, syringes along with the main subject, and support materials to keep your main focus on the subject in position.

Before beginning to implement everything make a sketch of your scenes and the narrative you’d like to tell. Pain clouds that are abstract look lovely but they can also be far more creative.

It is possible to choose fruit, vegetable and flowers, to make colorful dissolving clouds. Pour some paint into a large drink glass and make clouds in a cocktail.

7 Tips for Creating Magical Still Life With Smoke Photography

Smoke is mysterious and mysterious and makes your artistic photography interesting. Smoke effects can be added when you post-process your photos, but why can’t you make smoke while shooting? It’s more enjoyable and the end result will are stunning.

The best part is you are able to produce smoke with a few incense stick.

Follow our step-by-step tutorial and create an amazing scene using only few props.

How to Take Powerful Fire Photography Shots’

“Where there’s smoke it’s the fire’ so they claim. After the instruction on photography with smoke and the smoke photography tutorial, it’s about time to discuss fire photography.

The beautiful flames and fire is indisputable. It is also possible to use everyday objects such as a fireplace, or a candle to capture flames.

In the field of fire photography, there are many possibilities to capture tales. It is possible to capture sharp and precise fire photos. For this, make use of an aperture with a small aperture, such as F/8 or greater.

You can also utilize fire as a creative and cozy lighting for photography of portraits. Also, you can capture silhouettes on the bonfire.

For more inspiration for fire photography, check this post.

18 Tips for Beautiful Jewelry Photography

Every person has some sort of jewelry in their homes. They can be stunning subjects and you can tell amazing stories through them when you take artistic photography.

There are two types that jewelry photographers can use: Product photography and E-commerce photography as well as editorial photography. The latter is the type which allows for more creativity with your photographs.

When you take photos of jewelry, take a moment to consider the story you wish to tell through your image.

Check out this article for settings for your camera, lighting, and other suggestions for stunning jewelry photography.

10 Creative Tricks for Shooting Photos of Toys

Toys are fun and bring us of our childhood innocence. The children have the ability to engage with toys for hours, making narratives, and exploring a fantastical world. As a photographer you can create this world in your imagination.

It is possible to photograph various kinds of toys. Lego toys, dolls, action figures, toy cars or Barbie dolls. All of them provide great opportunities to tell stories visually.

Toys can be taken either outdoors or indoors, and use your surroundings to create the scene.

Are you looking for more ideas? Read the article regarding toy photography.

How to Use Smoke Grenades and Smoke Bombs for More Exciting Photos

Smoke bombs and smoke grenades are only toys for adults. You can play with them and take some amazing photographs that show creativity.

The first thing to be aware of is the safety aspect. Do not use them near animals or children. Always wash the smoke bombs following having have used them. Be aware that certain smoke bombs leave marks.

If you’ve made sure you’ve found the ideal place and the proper weather conditions, it’s the time to enjoy yourself by playing with smoke grenades and bombs.

Take pictures of smoke rising from an object. Use the smoke’s texture for images that seem surreal. Choose one of the suggestions that are presented in this article.

Scanography – What It Is and Why You Should Try It Today

Do you have a flatbed scanner in your home? This is a fantastic chance to bring your original photos to the next stage!

A flatbed scanner for scanning 3D objects and transform them into photographs. It is all you need to do is remove or prop the lid open and place the objects onto the scanner’s glass.

You can scan plants, flowers as well as rocks and even parts of a bike made of metal. Your imagination will be the limit to scanography.

In this section, you can find detailed information on the process of scanning.

10 Awesome Tips for Photographing Neon Signs

Neon signs are all over us and make stunning subjects for photographers.

Their brightness makes photography of neon signs difficult. However, it’s a great chance to develop your photography skills at night.

For optimal results, you should take photographs of neon signs at the night. If it’s a rainy day, that’s even better! It’s possible to find interesting reflections.

Check out this article for more information on photography of neon signs.

10 Cool Ways to Use Your Speedlight

Speedlight is an easy camera equipment you can utilize in a variety of imaginative ways. You can make it your primary light source.

It is also possible to put utilize a speedlight behind your subject to create an illuminated silhouette. You can also create an original moon using a piece of black paper with the speedlight behind it.

Speedlights can cause objects to illuminate from within. They also can help to capture steam or smoke rising up. How? Learn more on this page.

DIY Creative Photography Ideas

In addition to using basic objects, you can discover amazing DIY ideas to increase your creativity in photography.

How to Make a Cool Hand Painted Background for Photography

Every image requires backgrounds and so why not make your own hand-painted masterpiece? It’s simple, inexpensive and distinctive.

If you’d like to be it certain your DIY background lasts you can use acrylic paint. You can apply it to nearly every surface. It’s also very effective in covering.

Check out this post for more information and tips on how to paint dark, light and background for outer space.

7 Great Alternatives to a White Photo Background

Okay, you may not be a fan of making backgrounds. There is still a way to come up with ideas and discover better alternatives to the white background of a photo.

If you’re looking for a background, it needs to have the proper texture and color. Additionally, it shouldn’t cost you a lot because there are plenty of things you can invest money in as photographer.

You can, for instance, utilize wood boards for example. They’re inexpensive and versatile. They also look natural in photos. There are boards that are one piece or models that are ready to put together. You can also make use of an item of wood furniture or even a barn door.

For more concepts, check out this article.

Try These 10 Easy (and Awesome!) DIY Photography Props Today!

DIY props are great for beginners and professional photographers. They can be modified as you want, they’re cost-effective and help make your photo look unique.

If you can create something from scratch the creative abilities and imagination grow. This can be beneficial to photography as well.

You don’t require expensive tools for DIY projects. You can transform light bulbs into flower pots and spice up your look.

For a more creative and fluffy clouds with pillow filling as well as glue. Take a look at other simple and amazing DIY props for photography.

8 Great Tips for Using Typography or Text in Photography

Utilizing typography and adding text to your photos can enhance your photography skills.

You can make use of traditional tools such as pencils paint, pens, or pencils. You can also design your own travel-themed stickers to fit the image’s mood.

You can also utilize coffee beans to create letters using these. In this is how the text will become your primary subject or model.

What about chalkboard writing, and then combining the chalkboard with objects? Click here to learn more excellent tips to utilize the use of text in photography.

Creative Photography Ideas for Every Season

Each season has its own unique appeal. There are plenty of chances to spark your imagination and come up with new concepts for pictures.

Spring Photography Ideas for When You’re Bored

The spring season is the ideal time to test and experiment with new things. It brings a dramatic shift in the scenery with the blooms leaves, sunshine and more.

It is possible to pick one prop and take an outing, snapping pictures of the same object in a different spring settings. It is also possible to look around at the blooms that appear everywhere.

It’s raining outside and you’re unsure of how to proceed? Take a walk and snap photographs during the drizzle! However, you can also replicate rain in your cozy and warm studio. The followingis how you can do it.

12 Fun and Creative Easter Photography Ideas to Try

Easter is the ideal springtime holiday, when the whole family comes together and there’s food, people, and fun all around you. These holidays offer great chances to create creative ideas for photography.

It is possible to take vibrant flower photos also. Visit the local market for flowers or to a field filled with stunning plants and take pictures of the freshness of nature.

Looking for more fun and unique Easter ideas? Check them out here..

17 Awesome Summer Photography Ideas to Try Yourself

The summer is filled with adventures and thrilling programs. Why not record the summer season in your photos also?

The idea of a picnic is a fantastic chance to capture imaginative summer photos. It is possible to capture the specifics of your picnic basket, or capture amazing group photos.

If you’re interested in sport photography then summer is the best opportunity to improve your abilities. Photograph surfers, windsurfers, or people who cliff jump into the ocean. Also, take photos of cyclists, skaters and runners.

Find inspiration for ideas for summer photography on this page.

How to Shoot Creative Still Life Photography for Halloween

Halloween is filled with amazing, spooky, and imaginative photography ideas. If you’re planning to decorate your home regardless, so why not create the perfect Halloween-themed scene?

You can encapsulate the Jack-o’lantern you made and make it your hero. Utilize fake spiders, books from the past, Brooms, and bottles of potion as props.

Also, you can take photos of candy, Halloween cookies, or pumpkin pies, if you are interested in food photography. Check out this article to find out how to make the perfect Halloween setting by starting from scratch.

10 Christmas Inspired Ideas for Still Life Photography

After the end of autumn, winter comes with its dark and cold. And the Christmas spirit, naturally! The Christmas season is filled with fireworks, lights, food decorations, and cozy scenes. They are all excellent starting points for creative photography ideas.

It’s not necessary to set up a specific scene in order to snap pictures. It is possible to capture moments that make up holidays celebrations.

Find some inspiration Here and take your Christmas photos up a notch.

Christmas Cookies Photos: How to Take Levitating Still Life Photos Full of Cheer

Yes, it is possible to snap amazing flatlays of cookies from Christmas. Why not be more adventurous and take ethereal pictures of cookies? They’ll convey the real Christmas spirit.

Levitating objects add dynamism in the environment. They also look great!

It might seem enough to take a handful of cookie crumbs and throw them in the air when you set your camera to burst mode.

However, it’s only a waste of delicious cookies. Instead, there are a variety of alternatives.

Follow our step-by-step guide to build your own Levitating Cookie-Cookie-Cookie-Cookie-Scene.

How to Use Sparklers to Create Otherworldly Still Life Photography

Sparklers are a must-have part of Christmas celebrations. They are inexpensive and easily accessible. This makes them ideal tool for photography that is creative.

Make sure to add sparklers to your photos to bring the magic and joy to the photos.

If you’re using sparklers, the most effective approach is to think of an idea for a story. For example, the celebration of the New Year’s Eve celebration or a romantic Christmas Eve.

We’ve created a few of them in this comprehensive article.

How to Photograph Christmas Lights

No matter if you shoot in the indoors or out there are a couple of rules to remember when shooting fairy lights.

For instance Christmas lights are gorgeous but they’re not that robust. In order to make their glow visible you require the slowest shutter speed. This means you require tripod. If you don’t, you’ll be unable to avoid camera shake and blurry light.

Get other useful suggestionson how to capture Christmas lights.

Creative Fine Art Photography

We’ve spoken often about still-life photography and the ability to capture everyday objects in an artistic manner. However, creative photography can also include photography of the fine arts.

What Makes Photography Art?

Before we dive into the depths of photography that is fine art it is important to begin with the fundamentals. What exactly is fine photography? There isn’t any precise definition. The goal is to communicate an idea, emotion or even a message.

Fine art photography is created with a specific vision in mind. They are created with the same care as paintings. Sometimes, they require more sessions before they are complete.

Fine art photography should stir your feelings and provoke thoughts. How do you determine the quality of your artwork? What can you do to create images that are fine art? The solutions to these questions are right here.

Fine Art vs Commercial Photography

Fine art photography is extremely abstract. There isn’t a strict definition. However, we can differentiate fine art photography from commercial photography in a clear method.

Commercial photography is about a product or service. The principal purpose of the photo is to market the item. The client will provide the specific guidelines.

Fine art photography is where you are in control of your creativity. You can make your photos as abstract or transparent as you like.

Find out More about the distinctions between commercial and fine art photography.

21 Inspirational Fine Art Photography Examples

To help you get more excited about photography that is fine art, we have gathered 21 inspiring examples to inspire you.

They could inspire you. They can also help you determine the elements that belong to the category in fine art photography.

Certain of them may cause you to think. Some will make you uncomfortable or emotionally charged. However, no one of these pictures will make you feel uneasy.Wind by Farbod Green

The 10 Best Lenses for Fine Art Photography

If you’re committed to fine art photography then you must purchase the best lenses.

We have selected the top 10 lenses to aid you. There’s the 35mm f/1.4 among them. This is a wide-angle lens that allows you to create story-driven and atmospheric photos.

The Lensbaby Velvet 56mm/f1.6 is also one. It’s a great lens that makes it the perfect lens for photography of fine art. Do you want to know more about the other lenses? Find out more in this article.

7 Fine Art Photography Tips to Get You Started

When you take the road in fine art photography you’ll be faced with questions that come everywhere. The best part of photography is the fact that it’s an ever-growing process of education.

Begin by writing an artist’s statement. It’s beneficial to note it down prior to the start of a project since it will clear your mind about the project. It doesn’t need to be a lengthy paragraph just a few sentences.

Tips for fine art photography will be waiting on this page.

How to Shoot Statue or Sculpture Photography

You may want to narrow the fine-art photography you do around specific specific area and also capture sculptures and statues.

It’s never easy to take pictures of works of art. What angle should you shoot the picture from? What is the ideal lighting to highlight the beauty of the marble statue?

All your questions will be addressed by this piece.

How to Photograph Artwork: From Settings to Lighting Setups

It is not just a matter of wanting to photograph statues but other works of art as well. You can utilize our advice to take pictures of illustrations, paintings as well as prints, textiles and many more.

We will discuss everything from setting the camera’s settings to the setup of the lighting to assist you in improving your photography.

How to Capture Stunning Fine Art Street Photography

Fine street photography that is art-based is the combination of traditional street narratives, photography art, and post-processing. It’s a broad niche in the field of creative photography.

Although it can be challenging although it can be a challenge, it’s a great method to tell stories through your photos.

The most important factor is patience. Spend time absorbing the surrounding and people who are around you. Keep a note of the things you feel: sounds and scents, as well as the sensations. This is the feeling you’d like to portray in your story.

22 Best Fine Art Photographers You Should Know

A great way to enhance your photography skills in fine art is to learn from the work of other photographers. Learn about their style, their subjects or even their editing techniques.

We have gathered the top 22 artists in fine art to provide inspiration for your work.

How to Edit Black and White Fine Art Photography

Fine photography is often seen with black and white variations. Photography that is black and white lets you to emphasize the shapes, textures and even emotions.

It is simpler for you to convey a message through photography in black and white because the colors aren’t causing any disruption to the attention of the viewer. It is possible to capture the real and unadulterated real-time in black and white.

To achieve amazing results, you need learn how to edit your photos in black and white. This is our edit guide to help you edit your amazing B&W high-quality photography.

Make Sure to Avoid These 10 Fine Art Photography Mistakes

Photographers are also human beings and therefore, they can are human, and they make mistakes. Sometimes you’ll not be able to be successful in particular photography genres. Sometimes, you’ll have a hard time completing your photography goals.

This is normal but the best thing option is to take your lessons from the mistakes you made. Learn from the mistakes of other photographers.

We put together the top ten mistakes of fine art photography to steer clear of. We do not want you spending lots of money in the beginning of your journey to fine art photography. Utilize a camera with a single lens, and a basic background. Make sure to practice and use your equipment as a creative challenge.

The Complete Guide To Fine Art Photography: 135 Tips

Fine photography is one of the most inventive areas for image capture. It gives you an abundance of creativity and allows you to keep your mind alive.

If you’re interested in beautiful art photography, then read our entire tutorial right here. We’ve got 135 helpful tips to guide you through this wonderful art of photography.

Post-Processing Ideas for Creative Photography

Creative images wouldn’t be as good without editing. Sometimes, all you need is to alter the tones or highlights. Perhaps you want to get rid of some undesirable elements.

However, you can make your photography individual by using post-processing tricks.

How to Use Focus Stacking for Sharper Photos

Sometimes your images don’t come out as sharply as you’d like. A focus stacking method is the best solution for you.

Focus stacking refers to a method that blends multiple photos of the same object taken at various focus places. The result is sharp images everywhere. It’s a popular method used in the field of macro, landscape still life, stillness as well as architectural photography.

Here’s a tutorialto making use of focus stacking.

How to Make Cool Glitch Art Photos

Glitch art is becoming increasingly well-known. It’s everywhere from music videos to social media videos.

You can alter your photos to add an extra wow quality to photos. Watch this video tutorial for creating amazing glitch art photos and learn to master your artistic photography techniques.

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