Nik Collection 4.3 Adds 35 Nature-inspired Pre-sets

Nik Collection 4.3 increases the appeal of travel and landscape photographs with the addition of 35 natural-themed pre-sets.

The Nik Collection 4.3 (Windows and macOS) is being sold at a discount at PS89.99 in lieu of PS135 or PS52.99 as opposed to PS69 to upgrade until December 31 2021.

DxO Press Release

With more than 250 pre-sets, this upgrade unlocks an increased creative capacity by drawing inspiration from the power of nature and the natural flow of seasons.

Nik Collection is a renowned suite of software that works with Adobe (r) Photoshop (r) and Lightroom (r) that is awe-inspiring combination and power of U Point (tm) local adjustment technology and advanced editing tools. Nik Collection 4 targets every aspect of photography that is creative. From color photography to black and white photographs, HDR, and analog film simulation, Nik Collection 4 redefines the boundaries of creativity in photography.

35 new , nature-inspired presets

Nik Color Efex now features “The Seasons” Four presets that represent the various seasons throughout the calendar year. For instance, “Winter” gives landscapes an icy, chilling ambience by highlighting cool tones “Autumn” is a push of green foliage towards orange, red and yellow, creating the impression of warmth.

Nik HDR Efex gains five new presets. The “Tonal Landscapes” series offers allows users to enhance the soft greens of spring foliage, uncover the glow of golden hour, or reveal the calm blueness of dawn.

With Nik Analog Efex, users can give their images a vintage look by using one of the six “Landscapes of the Past” pre-sets that are designed to enhance images with a the look of an antique, refined style that transports viewers to the past.

Six “Dramatic Landscapes” pre-sets included in Nik’s Silver Efex let you see the real character of landscapes in black and white photos. Users can eliminate fog to reveal the details of the landscapes as well as add intensity to skies, giving the appearance of ominous storms and add grain to give photographs more dimension.

Six Meta-presets — actions that combine settings and filters from a variety of Nik Collection plugins for quick application to Adobe Photoshop users. Images can be changed with just a few clicks or perhaps, to bring out the mood of those brief moments at dawn. Or to create the lavish glow of a relaxing evening in the summer.

Prices and availability

The Nik Collection 4.3 (Windows and macOS) is available to download from the DxO website at a discounted rate that is PS89.99 rather than PS135 as well as PS52.99 in lieu of PS69 for the upgrade up to December 31st 2021.

Photographers who have Nik Collection 3 by DxO or an earlier version are able to upgrade their software simply by signing into their accounts as customers. The fully-functional, one month free trial of Nik collection 4.3 is on offer at the DxO website .

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