iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro: which Apple smartphone should you buy?

iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro

we’re going to be comparing the iPhone 12 pro to the iPhone 13 pro after a full week of usage. So for the past year, I’ve been using the 12 pro as my primary device. And I decided to stick with the same form factor this year and go with the iPhone 13 pro and the results were a lot different than I initially expected. The differences are a lot more obvious than I thought they would be. So we’re going to be comparing everything in this blog, and hopefully by the end, it’s going to help you decide if you should upgrade from the iPhone 12 pro to the iPhone 13 pro, or if you’re upgrading from an older device, like an 11 or older, I want to help you decide whether or not you should upgrade to the 13 pro or save a couple hundred bucks and just go with the 12 pro this blog is also sponsored by CAMBA, but more on that later. So let’s go ahead and get into this comparison. All right. So first things first, the price. So the iPhone 12 pro is no longer sold new by apple, but you can pick one up refurbished or used on eBay and looking at eBay, which is where you’ll probably get the best deal. Anyways, the 12 pro is currently going for around seven to $800 for the 128 gigabyte models. And even some of the 256 gigabyte models are going for just under $800. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 pro starts at nine ninety nine for the 128 gigabyte. That is the base model and it goes all the way up to 1499 for the one terabyte model. So if you decide to go with a used or refurbished 12 pro, it’s going to save you a route 200 to 250 bucks.

So let’s keep that number in mind throughout this blog. Now, as for the colors, the iPhone 12 pro comes in Pacific blue, gold graphite and silver. Whereas the 13 pro comes in Sierra blue, gold, graphite, and silver. And as for the overall design, they both feel similar in the hand. And that’s because they both have that same flat edge design along with the incredibly premium feeling borders on the edges, which are made of stainless steel. They are still fingerprint magnets here on the 13 pro just like they were on the 12 pro. So that is the one downside of the stainless steel borders, but they are both very solid and they both have the same IP, 68 dust and water resistance. Now the 13 pro is going to be thicker and heavier than the iPhone 12 pro. And that’s due to a bigger physical battery inside. So the iPhone 12 pro weighs 6.6, six ounces, or 189 grams. Whereas the 13 pro weighs seven point 19 ounces or 204 grams. And this is a difference that you can feel in the hand, but it’s not really a huge difference. It’s definitely not a deal breaker. It’s only about 5% heavier. So really not a major difference, but just something to note and looking around the body of these phones, you will notice a slight shift in the button placement on both sides of the 13 pro. So the volume buttons and the mute switch are moved down a little bit on the body, along with these side or the power button on the right hand side. Now, another thing you’ll notice very quickly when holding these two side by side and especially when setting them down on a surface is that the camera bump on the 13 pro is massive.

It is noticeably bigger than the camera bump on the 12 pro. And the best part about it is that it’s not all for show really the only good thing about it, because it is massive. So the good thing about that is that it’s not all for show the camera on the 13 pro is a lot better than I ever thought it would be even compared to the 12 pro, which is crazy. And we’ll talk about that here in a moment, but first I want to talk about these displays. Now, when we flip these phones around to the front, this is where you’re going to notice. One of the biggest changes in the 12 pro to the 13 pro and that is with the display. So the 12th pro and the 13 pro had the exact same 6.1 inch super retina XDR display. But the big difference here is that first of all, you can see, we have a smaller notch on the iPhone, 13 pro it’s 20% smaller, although it is a little bit longer and you can see the speaker grill has been moved up to the top right there. So that is one thing that you’ll notice right away. But the other thing you’ll notice instantly after actually using the software is that we have a promotion 120 Hertz display on the iPhone 13 pro. Whereas the iPhone 12 pro has the same 60 Hertz display that we’ve known forever with the iPhone. And this is by far, one of the most anticipated features for an iPhone. It’s something we’ve been waiting on for many years, but apple just had to perfect it. And honestly, I think they did. So the 120 Hertz refresh rate is actually variable, which means that your screen is not always refreshing 120 times per second. It only does it when you are pushing the phone and just moving quickly or playing an intensive game or something like that.

If you’re just sitting on the home screen like I am right now, or just slowly scrolling through like pages of a book, the display can refresh as low as 10 Hertz. So 10 times per second, which in turn is going to save a lot of battery life over time. So the fact that it’s a variable, 120 Hertz promotion display makes a big difference. And that’s another reason that it’s not going to have a bad impact on your battery life. You also get the option to cap the refresh rate on the iPhone 13 pro two 60 Hertz here inside of accessibility, or you can just simply enable low power mode and it automatically taps your display at to 60 frames per second or 60 Hertz. And going into this phone before I got my hands on it, I thought that this would be a difference that only like I and other tech nerds would notice, but that’s just simply not the case. I mean, I’ve handed the phone to friends and family and all of them can tell a difference right away, which again, surprised me. Everything just feels smooth, like butter, the animations from unlocking the phone opening and closing up applications. And even just typical browsing around the phone feels so much more smooth than it does on the 12th, bro. I honestly felt like my 12th pro was lagging when I went back to it after using the 13 pro for a few days, which is crazy. But aside from that 120 Hertz refresh rate, everything else like the resolution, the contrast ratio and all of the display features are the same except for the brightness. And that’s because the 13 pro also gets brighter than the 12 pro.

So the 13 pro has a max brightness of 1000 nits compared to 800 on the 12th pro, but they both still max out at 1200 nits when watching HDR content. But let’s not ignore that 200 nit jump from 800 to a thousand because that is something noticeable on the 13 pro, especially when you’re outside in direct sunlight, I’m in Florida and I need all of the brightness I can get. So that’s something I noticed right away with the 13 pro. And also I noticed that the thermals seem to be improved on the 13 pro because the screen doesn’t dim as much or for as long when under distress from heat, which was easily. One of my biggest complaints of the iPhone 12 series, including the iPhone 12 pro. So those are some major advantages. The 13 pro has over last year’s model. So before we move on to the camera differences, I wanted to talk about CAMBA, which is the world’s leading design platform that I’ve personally been using for many years. As a matter of fact, some of my old thumbnails on this channel were created using CAMBA back in like 20 14, 20 15, and now I’m using them to create professional looking, Instagram stories, resumes, presentations, and more. I’ve been made some infographics using CAMBA last year as well. And CAMBA mix designing pretty much anything you can imagine easy for everyone.

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So on the iPhone 12 pro the telephoto lens has an F 2.0 aperture. Whereas on the 13 pro it has an F 2.8 aperture on the 12th pro the wide angle lens has an F 1.6 aperture, whereas it has an F 1.5 on the 13 pro and then the ultra wide lens on the 12th pro has an F 2.4, whereas on a 13 pro the ultra wide lens has an F 1.8 aperture, which is a huge jump. So one thing you’ll notice right off the bat is that the aperture got lower for all lenses, except for the telephoto lens, which means that more light is able to come in which results in better pictures and video. And as a matter of fact, the main camera sensor gathers 84% more lights than the iPhone 12 pro this year. That’s a huge difference, but the telephoto lens again, went from an F 2.0 aperture to an F 2.8 aperture on the iPhone 13 pro. And the simple explanation for that is because the lens is now a 77 millimeter equivalent and gives the iPhone 13 pro a three X optical zoom compared to 2.5 X on the 12th pro. And you can see that here inside of the camera application, but he zoom into too.

Whereas on here on the 13 pro we zoom in to three acts and it could see obviously a big difference there and the zoom capabilities with that telephoto lens. And another big advantage for the telephoto lens on the 13 pro is that it also has a night mode. So on the iPhone 12 pro only the ultra wide and the wide angle lenses, we’re able to shoot night mode shots, but now you can do that with a telephoto lens on the iPhone 13 pro and as for the ultra wide lens, which got the biggest upgrade this year. It also has autofocus, which allows us to take macro shots on the iPhone 13 pro. And this is easily. One of the biggest reasons I can see someone upgrading from the 12 pro to the 13 pro it is so much fun to shoot macro shots on the iPhone 13 pro. I was not prepared for this. I heard about it, but I didn’t think it was going to be that big of a deal until I started using it. So just take a look at some of these macro shots you can take with the iPhone 13 pro I mean, I find myself now going around the house anywhere I go, just trying to see an object, like really close up with a macro shot. It’s just a ton of fun. And the results are incredible. Now the iPhone 13 pro also gets an exclusive feature called photographic styles, which have you swipe up right here and tap on this icon. And we’ll open up this right here.

We can switch between different filters and you have the ability to adjust the tone. And then also you can adjust the warmth right here to get a look that you desire. And these are basically going to be filters, but they apply before you take the photo and you can’t like take them off after you take the photo. So it’s really cool. It changes the whole look of the camera to really get it to how you like, like, if you want something more vibrant, if you want something with more saturation, you could do that permanently without having to apply a filter after you take the photo. So this is really cool. I really like the option, the flexibility, and the customization, the apple put in here, what the 13 pro with these photographic styles, it really just makes taking photos so much more fun. And as for video, the iPhone 13 pro also thrives in video. And that’s because we have two exclusive features on the 13 pro related to video and cinematic mode is one of them. This feature uses the eight, 15 bionic chip and AI to intelligently choose the focal point of your shot. So it’s one to automatically change the focus when subjects do and even anticipates when a subject is about to enter the frame and adjust the focus accordingly, like it adjust and focuses on at their face, which is crazy. It’s basically magic. And it’s cool because after you shoot a cinematic shot, you could actually change the focal length right here. If you tap this just like you can for a portrait photo, you could change it for the video right here, which is just awesome. And again, even if you think you won’t use it, you should try it out because I didn’t think I would actually enjoy it as much as I do. And I can see a lot of people that even are not into video, just really loving the cinematic mode.

And then another exclusive feature that is not here yet is a pro Rez video, which is going to allow us to shoot video and that practically lossless format, which is great for video editors. And just those who shoot semi-professionally on the iPhone, if that exists. So shooting pro Rez and 4k is limited to the 256 gigabyte models. And above, since that video size is going to be absolutely massive when you shoot pro Rez, but again, that’s not out yet. It will be coming out later this year. And I cannot wait to try that out. And then also the iPhone 13 pro gets sensor shift stabilization this year, which was an exclusive feature to the 12 pro max last year, the 12 pro does not have that. So video stability is going to be greatly improved this year on the 13 pro as well, compared to last year’s 12 pro. And if we go back to the video section right here, you’ll notice that we have a three X optical zoom in with a two X optical zoom out and also digital zoom up to nine X. I mean, look at that. You could see some specks of dirt on my desk that I can’t even see with the naked eye. So anyways, we can compare that to the, to zoom on the 12 pro max. So you can see there from two to three, and then the digital zoom only goes up to six acts. So some nice improvements there to the zoom. And that’s also thanks to that new telephoto lens. And then as far as the front facing cameras go, these are going to be the same as they were last year, aside from the photographic styles, which you could see the difference in the color right there, because I have a photographic style applied over here on the 13 pro max, take a look at the difference right there before I even take the photo.

So that’s one difference. You could see that that’s photographic styles make, so that is something added to the front facing camera. And then we also have pro rest video and cinematic mode for the front facing camera as well. So overall, the camera improvements this year are a lot bigger than even I realized at first and it using the phone for this first week. You can actually tell the difference with pretty much every lens that you shoot in no matter which lens you shoot in, or how much you zoom in the pictures actually look better. And the videos look better on the 13 pro it’s not just about the specs and the numbers real-world usage. It actually looks better. Everything turns out and a higher quality on the iPhone 13 pro whether that’s because of the lightening, because of the photographic styles, whether that’s because of more light being brought in, whether that’s because of cinematic mode. I mean, there’s just a lot of reasons that the camera is a much bigger upgrade than I think a lot of people are willing to admit going from year over year from the 12 pro to the 13 pro now inside of the iPhone 13 pro. And one of the big reasons the camera system produces such great results is the eight 15 bionic champion. Now this of course is a successor to the a 14 bionic found in the iPhone 12 pro. And honestly, the difference between the two is very minor with day-to-day usage like me. I just use a lot of social media apps.

You know, I take pictures, I do typical things. However, thanks to that 120 Hertz display. Everything feels much smoother and faster on the 13 pro, but overall raw performance like opening up apps and things like that is going to be very similar. There’s not going to be a big difference in speed, but when it comes to more intensive things like gaming, the iPhone 13 pro has a five core GPU for the first time ever in an iPhone. We have a five core GPU compared to the four core GPU and the 12 pro. So graphics performance will be improved this year. So if you’re a big gamer, that is one thing to keep in mind, it’s going to be a lot better on this 13 pro. And speaking of that eight, 15 bionic chip, that’s also part of the reason why the battery life on the iPhone 13 pro is going to last an hour and a half longer than it did on the iPhone 12 pro. And my results so far are incredible with this 13 pro I mean, you could see here, I posted this on Twitter. I am getting amazing results with the battery life on the 13 pro it is an absolute beast. It’s pretty much like the 12 pro max was last year, but this time it’s on the more compact 13 pro and this battery life allows me to go through an entire day without needing to charge. Whereas before on the 12 pro I would have to charge at least once per day. So definitely a nice improvement in battery life as there should be because we have a thicker device because of a bigger physical battery inside.

So it’s justified because we have amazing performance with the battery here. And then I did also want to touch on the speaker quality because this is an area that I almost instantly noticed a difference in. It’s very subtle. It’s very small, but for some reason I noticed a difference right away with the speaker quality and the iPhone 13 pro compared to the 12 pro. So the external speakers are louder. And also the more important thing is that they sound separation is more noticeable when listening to music, the music just sounds better. It’s not just loud, it’s actually more, there’s more clarity in the music. So that’s one thing to note. If you do listen to music out loud on the external speakers, you will see a minor upgrade this year, going from the 12th pro to the 13 pro, if you decide to do that. So all in all the differences between the 12 pro and the 13 pro it seemed a lot less obvious on paper than actually using them in real life. So now let’s discuss which one you should choose. So if you have an iPhone 11 or older, and you’re considering getting an iPhone 12 pro instead of the iPhone 13 pro, I would say that you should just spend the extra $200, $250 and go for the iPhone 13 pro it’s more than worth it for that camera, especially the camera, the battery life, and the display upgrades are going to be a huge upgrade over your current phone. And even over the iPhone 12 brother, a big upgrade.

So they’ll especially be a big upgrade over the 11 or older. Now, if you have an iPhone 12 pro and you’re considering upgrading to the iPhone 13 pro, but you’re on the fence, I have to say that it actually is worth the upgrade. Now I know, I know I said, you shouldn’t upgrade if you have the iPhone 12 or 12 pro, but I said that before actually using the phones extensively, and now I can safely say that I personally would upgrade from the 12 pro to the 13 pro for, you know, the greatly improved camera, the greatly improved battery life, the 120 Hertz display. I mean, those three alone are massive upgrades even year over year. They’re a lot bigger than I anticipated. And like I said, it’s only going to be an additional 200 to $250 to go from the 12 pro to the 13 pro. Now I would not trade it in to apple because that’s a rip off in my opinion, sell it on eBay or something where you can get the full value out of it. And then use that money towards getting your iPhone 13 pro because I think it’s justified to spend an extra 200 to 250 bucks. So let me know what you guys think about the iPhone 12, bro, and the iPhone 13 pro, which one do you have or which one are you going to upgrade to sometime soon, let me know down in those comments below.

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