Here are the 5 best photography blogs that you must follow: 

1. Features Shoot

Presenting the work of established photographer, Feature Shoot focuses on telling stories through photos across various categories. The topics include portraits, still-life photography the landscape, art and some of the excellent photographic documentary. They like photos that tell stories, and concentrate on the story behind every photo. The Editor-in-Chief and Founder, Alison Zavos has worked with photographers on one of the best photo blogs that has an archive of more than 4000 posts on photo blogs. Post formats include interviews with artists reviews of exhibitions, and virtual exhibits.

2. Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis travels the world shooting motion and still images. He is determined to become “…as as imaginative as is possible in everything I do.” Thus his photography blog is filled with stunning photo shoots, along with advice on how you can enhance your photos. He is often interviewed by his subjects or other experts on his blog in the form of blog posts.

3. Richard Bernabe

Richard Bernabe combines his interests in writing and travel photography to produce an online photography blog that has an enlightened perspective. He credits adventure as the factor driving the travel photos he takes. You might see his photos published in the news, travel or cultural magazines. His writings focus on his most loved projects as well as tools for photography.

4. Joe McNally

Awarded with numerous awards and an internationally recognized photographer, Joe McNally has photographed on assignments across more than 70 countries. His assignments are mostly editorial and commercial and include clients from famous international brands. Additionally, he has taken photos for a number of magazines. On his blog about photography He writes mostly stories from his travels and projects, and offers tips for photographers of any stage of their learning.

5. Davis duChemin

As an assignment photographerand best-selling writer also a publisher on the web, Davis duChemin has explored the globe to find captivating photographs. His clients are the majority of human rights organisations. His articles are focused on the world, people and the publications that motivate him. It’s not uncommon to see the interview of a colleague included in his writing.

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