Garmin Dash Cam 67W review

The Garmin Dash Camera is an ultra-compact dash cam which shoots HDR video and has driver safety features.

The Garmin Dash cam 67W a small but incredibly feature-packed dash camera that is currently the top model in the series and, in addition to recording video, it also comes with the ability to control voice, GPS and a range of safety features. They include forward collision and Lane departure warnings, as well as in a “go” signal when traffic in front is ablaze, and warns on the upcoming red light as well as speed cameras.

There is also an alternative parking mode, which monitors the time your car is parked , and turns off. Similar to other Garmin dash cameras the four cameras can be connected in the exact same automobile using their video feeds being synchronized via the Garmin Drive application.

The camera stores its data on microSD cards (not available) and displays as well as buttons at the back, which means it could be set up and used with or without the smartphone app. This adds to its ease of use.

One of the most important features that is unique to this Dash Cam 67W is how it combines top features in a dash cam, while maintaining an incredibly compact design. The resolution is 1440 pixels, which is more than Full HD and comes with HDR (high dynamic range) for better clarity even in dim lighting. It also records audio should you require it however, we prefer to keep it switched off to protect the privacy of passengers. It can be turned on or off with the command “Okay Garmin, switch audio recording on/off”. In that regard, the voice recognition function is very effective and can be a great method of saving video or images. Videos are automatically saved when the collision is detected.

Garmin’s safety features function well and make the most of this display provided that it is easily visible to the driver. It changes to red in the event of a collision in the forward direction and yellow when you wander off your lane, and it sounds an alert if you aren’t aware that the vehicle in front of you has turned off. The lights can be turned off if you do not want the system to be in use.


The size is similar to an ordinary matchbox, Dash Cam 67W is an ideal size. It’s small enough to hide behind the rear view mirror and comes with a great assortment of features and hardware qualifications. The black finish on the plastic is soft and well-crafted and we’d be comfortable leaving the camera permanently in a car , without having to worry about anyone trying to steal it.

Windscreen mounting is small composed of a magnet of the size of a coin that adheres to the screen using an adhesive. It connects magnetically to an arm that is attached to the camera using an adjustable ball-and-socket. It’s an innovative but easy system that takes up small space, and is easy to change, remove and replace the camera in few minutes. Another magnet that is adhesive is also included, making it simple to switch it to switch the Garmin from two cars.


There’s nothing much to talk about on this, which is an amazing thing. The Garmin performs exactly as you’d like by recording video of high quality and delivering useful notifications if you’ve got them on. Voice control is prompt and setting up is quick and simple.

The lens is broad, with 180 degrees and causing some distortions to the fisheye however, we feel that the footage is precise, clear and will certainly prove useful during a collision.


A fantastic dash camera that is small and simple to use, offering the right set of features that record top-quality video. It’s not cheap however it’s an excellent dash camera that can do everything without being overly complicated. The mounting system itself is incredibly simple. It’s an essential purchase.

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