Fujifilm X100V – Top 5 Accessories

in this blog we’re about five of my favorite accessories for the fujifilm x100v [Music] what’s up everyone reggieb photo here and welcome back to the channel so for those of you who are new my name is reggie bastros and i’m a wedding photographer based in the san francisco bay area the x100v is my favorite camera right now i’ve been using it non-stop for documenting my family at home when i’m out traveling it’s inspired me to try out new photography genres and now i’m even bringing it along as part of my wedding photography kit it’s really the perfect camera for me especially in this season of my life out of the box the x100v is already amazing but there are five key accessories that i pair with it that just enhance the shooting experience make the camera more versatile for the different situations that i throw at it and in general they spark creativity and encourage me to actually get out and enjoy shooting we started off the list i wanted to cover two key items that are necessary but i wouldn’t exactly categorize them as accessories and these are batteries and sd cards so for batteries.

i use the oem fujifilm npw 126 s batteries while third-party batteries work well for others i personally just don’t prefer them or personally trust them with that said i do use a third-party wasabi battery charger mainly because i can charge multiple batteries up to 10 of them at a time when paired with my inker 5 port usb charger for sd cards i exclusively used sandisk xtreme pro sd cards and all of my fujifilm cameras they’re fast reliable and have never failed me to date knock on wood the x100v only has a uhs one slot so i use the 170 megabyte per second cards in my x100v so first up on the list is the hogue square hood and the reason i didn’t opt for the square hood branded version is because at the time that i was in the market to buy a hood i read somewhere that the square hood branded version didn’t properly accommodate a filter i’ve actually had friends confirm with me that they’ve gotten their filters stuck they’ve ruined their hoods and this version one square hood filter was the only option at the time and when doing quick research online the hoax version didn’t have this problem in any reviews that i read so this is the hogue lhx 54w square metal lens hood and i love it because it’s stylish.

it matches the material finish and retro design aesthetic of the x100v it’s also great for protection because i don’t use lens caps with my cameras or lenses this is just a personal choice for me and this hood serves to protect the front element from getting dinged or getting damaged from bumping into stuff and lastly it optically reduces the unintentional lens flare which can give you unwanted reduction and contrast for your photos but i find if i want myself wanting some flare for creative purposes i can easily just unscrew it off if i need to next up are my two black leather straps from clever supply co i have a minimal neck strap that i have right here as well as a wrist strap these leather straps are stylish yet functional the beautiful leather is a perfect match again to the x100v’s aesthetic and because it comes in different form factors to fit different scenarios along with the integration of the peak design anchor links the clever supply co straps are actually more of i would say like a strap system as opposed to standalone straps.

you can basically swap out the straps quickly especially on the x100v or any camera that you have peak design anchor links installed on i use the wrist strap for photo walks and street photography and then i’ll swap out to the neck strap worn across my body for when i’m out with my kids that way i can have quick access to the camera but also be able to just like move it aside to my hip and carry a toddler kind of like on the other side if needed so that’s kind of dad life for you if you are interested in picking up a clever supply code strap for yourself my friends over there were gracious enough to give you all a discount good for 10 off any strap of your choice that you can enjoy the carry too so as far as storage and carrying goes i tend to store and carry my x100v in the moment fanny sling as opposed to a traditional camera backpack or shoulder bag the moment sling allows for me to stow my x100v concealed safely in those situations where i just don’t really feel safe having my camera out or don’t want my camera exposed i like to wear this pack either on my hip or around my back and when needed.

i can quickly swing the pack to my front to take out the camera and just shoot i’m not sure if this was like an intended design feature but the zippers on this fanny sling are perfect for one hand operation which makes the ease of use all that much better while this pack isn’t the perfect size for every single photographer especially for those who are looking to carry every single thing every piece of gear in their bag it is the perfect size for me and those who are looking for a kind of minimal size bag to carry their everyday essentials so my x100v my wallet my keys my glasses hand sanitizer maybe an accessory or two that way i can hang it in my office and just kind of grab it and go when i’m off to do errands a day trip and i basically can leave knowing that i have everything that i need to kind of operate on the day as well as create photos almost every x100v owner that i’ve talked to also uses some kind of diffusion filter with their camera and i think it’s for good reason my brand of choice is the moment cinebloom diffusion filters why use a diffusion filter in the first place for those who love the film simulations there isn’t really a way for us to reduce the black point of the film simulation recipes at this point so i use the cineboom filter to reduce the contrast and add a bit of like a little bit of softness and faux film fade to a photo the cinebloom filters especially the stronger 20 variation they create a hazy glow around light sources and lit subjects and what this does is it gives photos a unique kind of cinematic look straight out of the camera which really makes for some interesting night photography if you’re interested to see more of this effect be sure to check out my other x100v night photography pov video linked up above overall these filters are just really great for mixing things up digital photography and professional photography trends toward kind of like the clinical sharp and contrasty photos

i while do typically strive for contrasty sharp images for my professional wedding and portrait work when i’m off the clock and shooting for fun i really like to kind of mix things up to get the creative juices flowing again usually for me that means shooting a new genre with my x100v and then pairing it with a cinnamon bloom filter to give me kind of a refresh aesthetic in perspective so last but not least i wanted to talk about printing i believe that every photographer needs to print out their photos the act of printing your photos showing them to others and telling and retelling the stories around the photos is really what is at the heart of this craft we cannot let the act of printing out photos die and for those who are overwhelmed with inks and calibration and all that stuff associated with printing photos this instax printer allows you to utilize the beautiful colors of the film simulations in your camera and instantly create prints without all that fuss how well this printer doesn’t use ink actually but instead it makes an exposure on a fujifilm insects instant film kind of like slide and like seriously this is kind of like the perfect version of that kind of like fujifilm digital film hybrid kind of experience.

you can’t really get better than taking photos with film simulations and then printing them on this instax instant film printer it’s fun it’s easy and the prints look nostalgic it’s awesome to really have the opportunity to print out a photo of the person that’s like in the subject of your photo and then also be able to keep one for yourself too i think every fujifilm owner especially x100v shooters they need this little instax printer in their kit if you are interested in picking up any of the accessories here today i do have affiliate links down in the description below if you’d like to support the channel at no additional cost to you and if you made it all the way to the end this video i want to hear from you what is that one accessory that you cannot live without like seriously like you can’t live without or you buy it with every single camera that you have share it down in the comments so that we know what are some good things that we may be missing in our kits as always please be sure to give this video a like and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already as i make new fujifilm or photography videos every single week if that’s too long for you be sure to follow me on instagram at rgb photo as they post new tips tricks and tutorials every single day alright that’s it for me remember to get out go shoot and i’ll catch you all in the next one when i’m off the clock and shooting for fun i really like to kind of mix things up to get the creative juices flowing again oh yeah

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