CANON 200D vs NIKON D5600 comparison | which is better?

CANON 200D vs NIKON D5600

Canon 200D and Nikon D5600 , actually they are old cameras Not too old, but comparatively they are not very new ones… Ideally this is not the time to compare Not just that, we have tons of comparison blog between these two But since many of my subscribers wanted to know my perspective So , I thought I will share my opinion So, without any delay let’s start Both Cameras are super hit cameras Whoever has used anyone of these, did not regret but some points have to be made very clear So that when you make a decision, you are very clear Canon’s body is slightly lighter than Nikon but that does not make much of a difference Something that creates a difference is battery life If you can click around 800 photos Its approx 600 photos in Canon 200D Sometimes I feel if the battery is not so powerful, we can have another battery as back up, or a couple of them or may be multiple But when 2 cameras are so good, it becomes necessary that we need to compare the batteries as well For auto focus, AF points become very important AF points and cross type auto focus points, the more they are the better what is AF point and whats cross type AF, to know it check this link Nikon has 39 AF points in which 9 are Cross type. Canon had 9 AF points in which 1 is cross type.. This is definitely going to make a difference when you click the photos But when we use and compare the 2 cameras , Nikon D5600 and Canon 200D and see how they work practically Then we realise the huge advantage of more number of AF points does not make too much of a difference, though it does.. definitely not as much as the difference in numbers.

Canon has DPAF, despite lack of more number of AF points Canon does a decent job at focusing..! So, the AF points despite huge number difference does not become a deal breaker I will be speaking on the major differences I may not go through all aspects and specifications You all know that I do not give too much prominence to image quality I usually go for features If you want to know why major importance is not given to Image quality, find the link in the description below… But when we are comparing 2 good cameras, some small differences makes a difference Like Nikon’s ISO performance D5600 performs better than Canon 200D in dark There are so many positives…but in totality they do not create much difference and don’t become of an advantage Whether its ISO or AF points There is no too much of a difference in actual performance As per the poll, people who are confined to ONLY Photography is close to 20% Which means there are 80% people who will use blog in one way or the other So lets talk about the blog Talking about blog, Canon 200D is way ahead of Nikon Auto focus in a blog is very important thing is AF-tracking meaning when an object is moving , we would want Camera to track it Canon does this job very well.. Means when we focus on a particular object and it moves towards you.

The transition of the focus need to be smooth to get a cinematic feel IT should not change immediately, looks fake Nikon is not as smooth as canon and over that it does focus hunting meaning , it doesn’t get the focus properly and it struggles This is a big draw back When we see the blog, if we see such things we will not feel good.. Both cameras have an advantage of touch screen Meaning we can just touch and focus Even in this situation Canon is smooth and Nikon is not But if you majorly a cinematographer or do blogs, keep in mind that you need more batteries when you have Canon You know that blogs drain battery very soon And Canon’s battery is weak at least when compared to Nikon D5600 Now we have an overall picture about the pros and cons of the 2 cameras Now we will decide which is better Firstly you need to decide if you own a Nikon or a Canon camera If you have a Nikon Camera Then most likely you would have accessories of Nikon You would be comfortable as well.

If this is a situation and if you are concerned about photography , then Nikon D5600 is for you In case you use a Canon Camera Obviously you would own canon related accessories and if you are confirmed to photography, then go with Canon 200D Since you will be comfortable with Canon If you are keeping aside the numbers and concentrate on how the camera actually perform, then Nikon only has a slight edge I agree D5600 is slightly better..but not worthy of changing the system Keep the system and change the body, you will like it Personally I feel you should not be confined to the idea of sticking on only on to photography, come what may Even I am a photographer.. What if there is a need to do blogs? So, my personal opinion is don’t neglect the blog And keep one thing in mind Whether it is Nikon D5600 or Canon 200D, you may feel the selection is confined to a camera body But mostly , you will not be changing this brand Once we are used to a brand.. the way it feels, the buttons , the menu system Changing is not too difficult but people wont usually prefer If you are going with Nikon D5600, the possibility is that lot many years you will be with Nikon NikonD5600 may expire, but the system will be Nikon Same goes with Canon.

If you choose Canon 200D, the body itself may expire but you will be used to canon system Lesser number of people are comfortable shifting the brands Its not very easy Keep this in mind… Coming to Nikon D5600 and Canon 200D I feel if you have promised your self that you will not get into blogs for life Only in that case go for Nikon My personal opinion is Canon 200D has an edge There is a huge advantage on blogs If I had to choose one as a new user without a doubt I would go for Canon 200D I am a photographer not a cinematographer Nikon has more AF points Nikon has a better battery life Coming to price Nikon with its kit lens is approx Rs.37,000 And canon approx Rs.43,000 So, on papers Nikon has many advantages So, if you are 100% sure you will be into photography then go for Nikon D5600 Then No doubt go for Nikon D5600 But I am a kind of person who would want to keep options So, if I buy one, it would definitely be 200D I have given you all combinations I hope you have a good idea by now and you will be able to decide…

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