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Today we shall talk about equipments for portrait photography one of the easiest genre of photography to start with we will gradually move from portrait photography and talk about weddings and fashion photography To get into wedding and fashion and the execute the assignments is altogether a different ball game.

But the the foundation for all these would be portrait photography Portrait photography as such is very easy to start with Who will be your subject? See, you have to go our for landscape photography You have to travel for travel photography Wild life is very complicated when you have all your patience with the wild life for their action and expression We have prerequisites for almost all kinds of photography unlike portrait photography where we can create portraits from literally anyone around us It’s so easy that many of us want to do portraits So, we will discuss about which lens and accessories we need, and accordingly what budget we can set for the camera body A lot of you photographers would already know theres one budget lens that would be there with everyone…from beginner to a professional photographer thats 50mm 1.8 lens it could be from any brand for that matter Approximately , based on the market value of all brands for 50mm we will keep the price as 10,000 So, if you have interest in portraits then , you need to be sure that 50 mm 1.8 is a mandatory lens for you It does not make sense that you have only a camera body for a general use, you also need a kit lens So basically you can start with portrait photography with Body + kit lens + portrait lens (50mm 1.8) So, or you need to add 10,000 to your budget your budget is reduced by 10,000 and with whatever is remaining you need to buy the camera body and kit lens So , there will be a difference of 10,000 from your budget So, only if you are very sure that your genre is portrait photography go ahead with Body + kit lens and 50mm 1.8 I always say its always a good idea to buy a camera body and kit lens dont buy any 3rd lens do hands-on for 2-3 months then you will be able to make sure if you haven’t brought this camera out of over enthusiasm…! what if you just don’t use it? and then you find the camera lying in the cupboard after 6-7 months I have seen many people go for combo offers for mere excitement which we shouldn’t much possibility is we will be wasting money on that. read a blog on combo offers.

Very important for very one… See in the description But if you are 100% sure that you want to get into this genre only in that case buy this third lens which is 50mm 1.8 that is , if portrait is your genre To start with , you just need that.. slowly if you want to pursue this professionally then you should experiment a little with some other lenses.. like 85mm 1.8 try to understand the difference…. there is a possibility that gradually , you start liking the photos clicked by 85mm this is something you will know only after experience Lets talk about fashion there are a couple of things either you are doing a portfolio of a model or covering a ramp walk or you are working for a designer You need to decide the accessories based on what you want to do If you have a limited budget then obviously you start with 50mm 1.8 personally, I like 70-200 2.8 its my favorite for photoshoots if you have a budget, then buy one or any equivalent lens if you don’t have that budget since we don’t do photoshoots daily when you want you can rent it out its not easy in small towns but there are a lot of rental services in cities.

Also if you are in cities rent some lenses and do some handson then you will notice the difference between the results of different lenses if you are doing some headshots or doing a personal portfolio 85mm 1.8 makes beautiful images but thats around Rs.30,000 if you have a budget 85mm 1.8 is a good addition for a portrait photographer If you are looking to cover fashion / ramp shows, i think 70-200 2.8 is the best lens i have used but you would need a tripod or a monopod. I see some people do it without tripod or monopod but somewhere i feel you need to increase the shutter speed, thereby increasing the ISO and there will be and impact on the photo quality If you are actually thinking of fashion shows i think you have to consider a tripod or a monopod in your list If you are working for a fashion designer remember , its not easy to come to their notice no good designer will hire any random photographer buy by any chance if you get to work with them you need to increase your budget to have that set up to work You need a portfolio lens like 70-200 and you would need a wide angle lens if you have to showcase any such outfits along with that you may also require a studio set up Last but not the least ..

weddings I am predominantly a wedding photographer I did travel, did landscape have done portraits have done products but the most difficult genre has been wedding photography Because you need to create photos of candid moments and you dont have control on the events you actually cant instruct , most of the time you just have to be part of the event and you need figure out interesting moments and keep clicking the new cameras we are seeing tomorrow we have focus tracking has become very easy esp, the eye auto focus of Sony we can easily track subjects using that subject tracking in wedding is very important examples, if the couple is taking the ‘fera’ once you fix the focus then the camera will track them as they move So, some things have become easy bit despite that, wedding is still one of the complicated genres So, how can we start the answer is not that straight forward if you are just a beginne and your budget is less and you are covering your friend’s or a relative’s wedding then , make a combination of kit lens and 50mm 1.8 when u need wide angle shots use kit lens and where you need portraits , use 50mm in that case but gradually you need to focus on getting wide aperture lenses those lenses make wedding pictures look beautiful And after experimenting on friend’s weddings i would recommend that you work under a professional forget about payments, copyrights etc focus of learning the biggest advantage you would have is you will be using a lens that you probably cannot own all these lenses are for wedding photography you may have to categorise according to your budget which portrait lens and a wide angle lens you could use You need to choose based on your taste..

Eventually you need to have atleast 1 portrait and 1 wide angle lens and based on what lens you buy , set the body budget the yo will have a portrait lens a wide angle lens and a camera body for weddings, buy a body whose auto focus is fast obviously , if the budget increases, you can buy a backup body as well… instead of changing the lens every now and then you can make sure 2 lens are fixed to 2 different bodies you can save time as well as i was talking about portraits and related genres you might have realised its so much about lenses, meaning perspectives and angles mean a lot, why do we use DSLR Click and save the photo in the memory card Firstly see what lens in important for you and then accessories whatever is remaining that will decide the budget for your camera body you also realise that portrait photography as a genre is easy to start but to make it a profession, we need more budget before even we move into fashion or weddings do a lot of hands on on portrait photography try to know everything about it and then get into fashion or weddings Whatever I said, i hope you feel it was helpful

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