Canon 77D vs Canon 80D Which is better? Which to buy?

77D vs 80D

Hey friends Welcome once again my blog DREAMSHOT 77D vs 80D.. both very good and successful cameras When we have options of 2 good cameras then we get into confusions as well. The price of 77D is slightly less and the features is also lesser… whereas the price of 80D is more and features also are more .. which is the best camera for you What should you keep in mind before you choose to buy one of these We will talk about this.. Lets start.!!

When I created a poll of 77D and 80D and got an overwhelming response i thought there seem to be a lot of confusions.. because of course , we got a lot of votes for 80D but there were many who thought that 77D is cheap and best So, today we will compare and decide which is the best camera 80D is a robust camera , at least compared to 77D weight is more than 77D lets look into the advantages and disadvantages but the weight of 80D is 730 grms 77D is only 540gms which means there is a huge difference.. listen to them carefully 80D is more Robust than 77D and the weight is more.. whereas 77D is a lighter Camera.. In 80D

we have headphone jack its missing in 77D 80D doesn’t have Image stabilisation We have in 77D but thats image stabilisation We know Canon has not included IS in many premium cameras seeing that in 77D could be surprising So, you should undertand its not the mechanical stabilisation Thats Digital IS.. meaning in blog the stabilisation we do in post processing the same thing is done while we shoot this is a disadvantage also.. Camera is going to crop the way it wants.. because in Digital IS its impossible to do IS without crop In post processing, in our own way we crop and stabilise but in Digital IS as i told, camera takes care of it camera takes care of it 80D’s battery is very powerful..

Its similar to the one that will be used in premium models. We can take around 900 pictures the one in 77D… is similar to the ones used in Canons entry level cameras. We get around 500-600 photos What we get in 77D we get slightly less than double in 80D These were bigger differences… There are a few minor differences which are not deal breakers.. Max shutter speed is 1/4000 in 77D and is 1/8000 in 80D 77D we have 6FPS and in 80D we have 7FPS Now, we will see… what type of differences we have overall in these 2 cameras and we get to know the way in which camera companies deal with the market Lets compare.. Here we have 77D specifications and here we have 80D… In 80D..,

we have good batteries its a Robut camera 77D is a light weight camera. We have headphone Jack in 80D its not there in 77D….. We have Digital IS in 77D its not in 80D… If you look at all the features in 77D, it seems to be not made for any major projects I am not saying its too casual camera for casual photographers We can definitely use it for all kinds of photos and blog .. Unlike 77D 80D is meant for bigger projects Imagine you are executing a big project you have heavy lenses what kind of camera will you choose? A light weight camera OR a heavy Robust camera? Obviously 80D Imagine you want to take a camera and use some regular sized lens it could be portrait / prime lens or zoom lens you are using this combination and going out for street photography or travel photography What kind of camera will you use?

77D You are playing the job of a director in a project You want to listen to the communication and dialogs of people/actors. Obviously you need a headphone if there are problems in dialogs then you can immediately correct, whatever interviews you see on TV you would have seen, the guy who will be standing behind the camera will be wearing a headphone and he will be listening to all conversations Canon 77D is not made for that you can use it for daily photography and blog purposes not for major projects… Even the battery of 80D is it has to withstand heavy projects 77D has Digital IS If you are shooting along your travel and as a casual videographer (like a vlogger) you wouldn’t want to go home and stabilise video..

You would want it to be done by the camera if Camera can do it As you shoot, the video is also stabilised, whereas 80D is meant for bigger projects… The kind of projects we will have obviously, we will do the post processing seriously We wouldn’t want the camera to take care of stabilisation and crop the video on its own We would obviously want it to be in our control while stabilising during post processing Both cameras are good..! But the target audience are different. 80D is slightly towards bigger projects and 77D is above all those entry level cameras So, even the price is fixed accordingly… 77D we get it with Kit lens for around Rs.55,000 80D we get it with slightly bigger kit lens for around Rs.82,000 I hope its all very clear to you today…! And let me tell you I have no idea of 90D We only have rumours. Any news regarding the same I will share it with you on community page or videos..

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