10 Best Lightroom Presets for 2022

Today we’re looking at the 10 Best Lightroom Presets for 2022. These visually striking Lightroom Templates allow you to edit, customise and amplify your photos in minutes, to achieve eye-catching final results without needing to spend hours editing! All items featured today are available on Envato Elements, an unlimited subscription based service that helps you bring your ideas to life. With full access to millions of digital creative assets, resources and services; simply download whatever you want, as many times as you want want, and use your favourite items to enhance your creative projects.

1. Advent ure Lightroom Presets

Adventure Lightroom Presets by Presetsh This stylish and versatile Lightroom Preset pack is designed to help you edit your Adventure photos with ease. It includes 15 different non destructive preset options that are fully compatible with both Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as a Helpful PDF guide to step you through the process, saving you hours in the edit room.

2. Sunset Warm Lightroom Presets

Sunset Warm Lightroom Presets by Presetsh If you’re looking for an easy way to give your photos & warm, cosy and inviting feeling, then look no further than this Sunset inspired Lightroom preset pack. This pack contains 4 subtle Lightroom presets that can be fully customised to suit your needs, giving your photos a gorgeous golden hour glow & professional finish! Number 8 +80 Portrait Lightroom Presets – Bundle by 2FX.

3. 80 stunning Lightroom presets

consists of over 80 stunning Lightroom presets, specifically designed to give depth to your portrait photography. Whether you’re into fashion, street or wedding portraits, this series of hand crafted presets has been precisely calibrated to add modern tones and moody contrast to your work, & is the perfect tool to add to your collection.

4. Modern Lightroom Presets

Modern Lightroom Presets by Presetsh Next up we have a Lightroom Preset collection of 15 striking styles, that will make your photos pop with just one click. Designed for Portraits, but perfect for any style of photograph, this punchy pack is sure to make your work stand out from the crowd. Number 6 Sunlight Lightroom Presets by Presetsh.

5. gorgeous golden sunlight presets

we have a punchy package of gorgeous golden sunlight presets, transforming your photographs into beautiful summery scenes. Easy to use & customize, these presets are a fantastic way to speed up your workflow and achieve stunning results. If you’re enjoying this countdown hit the like button and subscribe to the Envato Youtube Channel for more!

6. 20 Autumn Lightroom Presets & LUTs by sparklestock

20 Autumn Lightroom Presets & LUTs by sparklestock Our next Lightroom press pack easily allows you to bring the warmth and comfort of Fall into any photograph. With 5 style categories to choose from, a PDF installation guide and full compatibility in Lightroom, Photoshop, and a variety of Video editing software; this pack has you covered wherever you edit your images.

7. 40 Traveller Lightroom Profiles and LUTs by sparklestock

40 Traveller Lightroom Profiles and LUTs by sparklestock At number four we have this stylish and modern Lightroom Preset pack designed especially for travel photographers. With 40 fantastic profiles to choose from, this massive bundle works across most editing software & gives you a huge variety of choices to edit your next holiday snaps.

8. Vintage Tones

Vintage Tones | LUTs Pack by allanthedp Next up we have a LUT Pack that gives your photos a nostalgic vintage film inspired effect. With 6 different, fully configurable profiles to choose from that are compatible across a large variety of editing software, getting the perfect retro inspired result simply takes minutes!

9. The Editorial Collection v2 by Presetworks

The Editorial Collection v2 by Presetworks Next up we have the perfect all round Lightroom Presets Pack to help you take your photos to a whole new level! With 13 uniquely designed and easy to use profiles, these fun designs are easy to customize & would work well in editorial, fashion, or portrait photography.

10. Moody Lightroom Presets

10. Moody Lightroom Presets by SupremeTones At number 01 today we have a pack that gives your Photographs an a punchy and instantly Moody visual aesthetic. With 6 profiles to choose from, this pack will perfectly fit any theme or style, & looks fantastic when applied to any sort of night photography! That wraps up the roundup of the 10 Best Lightroom Presets for 2021. Did any of those items stand out to you?

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